Born in Syria in 1988, Khaled Bakkora came from a very difficult cultural background, and suffered from the long exhausting war in Syria, He lost his successful job, education and family connection for 6 years. His interest in photography started 8 years ago with a small project on the impact of shadows. Moving to Dubai helped take his photography further, and he become a member in Union Arab of photographers, also his photography work has been published and exhibited in many different countries such as: UAE, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, USA, Greece, Lebanon and others.
Khaled had to start his life from scratch, career, education and photography, and he was fortunate to visit many counties where he reflected his interests in landscape and architecture photography in photographs, his main focus is still the conceptual photography where he believes that photography is a double-sided beauty where both the observer and the photographer do not feel the urge of using vocabulary. It’s the art of nonverbal story-telling. It allows the unnoticeable places, objects, or people to be artistically noticed. When the observer is soulfully, visually, or artistically satisfied, his mission is accomplished. In the end what matters to him is the feeling when you see it .

Khaled Bakkora Photography